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  • Location : Vietnam
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Backpacking is an adventure and a challenge. It is an adventurous hobby that will give you a push to achieve what you thrive for. Just pack your bags and set out to explore the world. We bring to you the backpackers paradise- Vietnam.

From its tropical forests to its mountains and coral reefs, Vietnam is home to an amazing diversity of plants and animals — including many species found nowhere else in the world.Apart from the rich biological diversity, Vietnam is also known for it’s rich cultural diversity. Misty mountains, magical landscapes, hectic buzzing cities, sweeping rugged coast lines, fishing villages, sandy beaches and all that there is are calling out to you to pack your bags and visit the vast lands of Vietnam with us.

Vietnam is a country filled with captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life. It has even more wonderful palette of color and food. The shape of the country, being skinny, is a fantastic country to travel the length from North to South or South to North.



Day 1: Arrive Hanoi

  • Soak in the local atmosphere oh Hanoi and feel the welcome of the city.
  • Pay your tribute to Confucian and Taoist , the two famous philosophers and national heroes of Vietnam at the Temple of the Jade Mountain. The Welcoming Morning Sunlight Bridge leads to the island and takes your breath away the moment you step on the land.
  • At the Ethnology Museum, Know about the rich cultural and traditional heritage of the country before you hit the streets.

Day2 : Hanoi

  • With a little GK from the previous day, today we are ready to hit the streets of ancient markets of Hanoi.
  • Sit by the sides of Hoan Kiem Lake while you sip the exquisite Vietnamese coffee. This lake has plenty of historic tales to tell.

Day3 : Hanoi – Halong Bay

It is time to have a little fun at the water. Imagine being lost among beautiful mountains and deep blue water, water that you can touch, the water you can feel refreshed with. Imagine leaving your troubles and worries behind merge your souls in the beauty of nature.

Day 4: Halong Bay – Hanoi - Hue

  • Get in your most comfortable shoes because today we have the city to explore. Traverse the city on foot and get overwhelmed with the amazing city of Hanoi.
  • Today we experience what is real backpacking all about.

Day 5: Hue – Hoi An

  • Central Vietnam is all about culture and infrastructure and the great city of Hue is abode of that. Explore the city with the eyes of a backpacker and who knows what this historic city has in store for you.

Day 6: Hoi An – My Son Sanctuary – Hoi An

  • It is always amazing to see a piece of rarity amongst many pieces of abundance. Visit the remains of the ancient Hindu temples at My Son Sanctuary which have been well preserved in predominantly Buddhist country.

Day 7:   Hoi An - Nha Trang

  • After soaking in all the richness of Vietnamese culture, it is time to soak in the Vietnamese sun at the beautiful beaches of Nha Trang.
  • Go wild at the beach side party which is well deserved after the hectic trip.

Day 8:   Nha Trang – Ho chi Minh

  • Today you are to yourself. Explore the beaches that even the world says are one of the most beautiful.
  • Stroll on the beautiful beaches or take a dive in the fabulously inviting turquoise water or simply sit on the sand making your dream castles.

Day 9:   Ho chi Minh – Cu – chi tunnel – Ho chi Minh

  • Go underground and see for yourself the never ending Cu-Chi tunnels, at least they seem to never end, where the massive military hid and took the enemies by surprise during the Vietnamese war.
  • Get a taste of the river life at My Tho, the city which is typically Vietnamese array of dried fish, exotic fruits and cottage industries.
  • Take a break and see the subtle and ordinary life at Ben Tre. You will want to just settle into the homely land.

Day 10: Ho Chi Minh – Back home     

  • Surrounded by Royal Palm trees through the Independence Palace and walk through its deserted halls. It is a memento of historic struggles.
  • Let the history unveil its story. Visit the famous heritage sites- The Notre Dame Cathedral, The War Remains Museum and The Jade Emperor Temple.


  • Fly to the beautiful city of Hanoi and soak in the air and culture.

  • Please your taste buds with the local Vietnamese food off the streets of Hanoi.

  • Try shopping in the famous medieval markets of Hanoi.

  • Searching for anything in the market? It is super easy to find it, for the streets are named after what they sell.

  • A day on foot deserves pampering at the end. Pamper yourself with the exquisite Vietnamese coffee.

  • Feel the stress oozing out as you sit and relax by the side of Hoan Kiem Lake.

  • Cruise through the thousands of small islands at Halong Bay which look no less than scattered pearls on a crystal floor.

  • We got you thinking of pearls now? Pass by the Halong Bay Pearl Farm which, by the legends, was formed when dragon spill jewels across the Bay.

  • Feel the comfort of sleeping in nature’s lap when the soft waves of sea take you on a ride to the dream-land.

  • Hear the legends from the fishermen of the floating islands and sleep to those tales in the boats.

  • Get a closer take on the country with locals travelling with you in the local bus.

  • Learn a few local words or tips to travel in the country, the does and the don’ts, learn them all by meeting the people on the streets.

  • Put on your backpacks, get in comfy shoes and put on your goggles. Get in the real backpacker mode traversing through the city of hue on foot.

  • They say hostels are a backpacker’s best friends. Stay in the hostels across the country.

  • Meet the travelers from throughout the world when you hit the roads or when you share a room at a hostel.

  • Get a glimpse of Hinduism in the predominantly Buddhist country and get a sneak-peek into one of the oldest Hindu temples of south-east Asia- the Son Sanctuary.

  • Feel the air of the cost in your hair. Feel the warmth of the sand under your foot. Feel the beauty of the beaches of Nha Trang.

  • Learn something from the locals and teach them something new. Build castles or simply do what you wish to in the warm sand of the beaches.

  • Explore the maze of Cu-Chi tunnels and venture the underground of the city.

  • Experience the subtle lifestyle of the people of Ben-Tre. Learn the skill of stress-free life.


Trip Crafter's Magic

  • A backpacking trip is incomplete if you have not explored the local cuisines and specialties. Indulge in a hot cup of Pho Bo, a Vietnamese specialty of beef noodle soup.

  • It is ok to get a little high on the Vietnamese draft Beer, something that you must try.

  • Lie on a boat with stars right above you. Let the waves cradle you to sleep.

  • The coastal region has plenty to offer to your taste buds. Discover the best places to wine and dine.

  • Crossing a road is never easy with bikes and cars and what not rushing by. Learn the tricks to make a gap for yourself.

  • Wonder how to feel like a revolutionary? Get a red tee with a yellow star, there you go.

  • Discover the exquisite Hindu architecture amidst the rich Vietnamese culture.

  • Walking on foot with a backpack on your shoulder is sure to get you tired. Enjoy an exclusive beach side party with the best of food and drinks.

  • Get a day to yourself. Discover your inner-self and the beautiful beaches of Nha Trang.

  • Get a few tips on diving and snorkeling from the mouth of the horse.

  • Doesn’t matter if this is your first backpacking experience or you are an expert, you surely take home a few tricks to add to your list.


  • Singing is the key to glue people together. Hum a tune and the other starts humming with you.

  • Take a stroll on the street and your task is to get to know a stranger today.

  • Click a picture with as many strangers as you can and let us see who gets the most.

  • Dine with a stranger and who knows what kind of friendship you take back home.

  • Take a walk with the group and tell us what you understood of them.

  • Stay at hostel and in the morning, let us discuss about the new person you just met.

  • Go and talk to the local fishermen, they are very smart men to take advice on food.

  • While you stroll through the markets, make the biggest bargain possible. Let us see who gets the best deal.

  • Try a day without money on the streets. Let the friendly people help you with food and drinks.

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