About Us

Take a break from the people you know, meet exciting strangers and make new friends. Whether you are a solo traveler pursuing your wanderlust, a lonely soul seeking real friends, a broken heart trying to move on or a corporate slave craving a sabbatical, this is your safe haven!

Our community is an adventurous getaway with the unknown, where you make new friends - some for the internet and some for life. Wetravelsolo puts on platter the chance to travel with coed groups of strangers with similar interests, curated & guided by experienced 'Trip Crafters'.

- Wetravelsolo is India's Largest Solo Travel Community.

- Create Bucketlists, Make Groups & Post your own Trips.

- Find Travel Companions, Travel Solo but Never Alone!

- Travel Solo in Groups with other Like Minded Strangers.

- Organized Meetups Led by Professional Trip Crafters!

- Safe, Guided and Passionately Curated Solo Getaways.

- Explore Weekend Getaways & Group Backpacking Trips!

- All Inclusive & In-Budget Trips for Solo Backpackers!

- Meet Amazing New People with WTS App, Trips & Events.